We are finally Online!

Milan, December 2013

Everything began in summer 2012. Sopabroker, insurance brokerage firm from Milan, contacted us in order to renew its corporate communication…

First step: realizing the institutional brochure.
It was an interesting challenge: strengthening the company image to make it able to foster effectively Soprabroker’s prestige and all its competences.
Four months and a lot of reciprocal commitment after, the new Sopabroker’s brochure was born.
Successively, the satisfaction for the result achieved, the will to continue a mutually advantageous cooperation and the need to update Sopabroker’s online tools brought about to the broadening of the project with a new corporate website.
The web project was complex and we found hard getting into the agenda of the client President Alessandra Talarico and Vice President Roberto Losa, very busy in their tasks. That made this path longer than what had been foreseen.
However, thanks to the hands-on approach that unites us, all of our meetings have been decisive and resolving within a lively and collaborative climate.
In the meantime, a new exigency emerged: redefining the whole corporate Sopabroker’s image as the last step to complete the renewal process.
Thus, we gave a new interpretation of the brand by improving its global visual image and all its applications.
It was a long and committing path, sometimes unpredictable but definitely gripping and rewarded by the great feeling to see Sopabroker website with the new corporate identity finally online and visible to everyone!

Conte Oggioni Partners – Design & Communication Agency